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Advertising To conclude The digital industry is looking for a solution to avoid experiencing a slowdown in advertising spending. Regarding online advertising, a lot of ideas can be considerd: the use of Artificial Intelligence, Augmentd Reality and Virtual Reality for example. However, issues such as online fraud or abusive targeting will ned to be scrutinizd so as not to tarnish the results which are constantly growing. In addition, with 5G, the digital advertising market will be able to gain even more ground from that of traditional mdia. So, if you want to have a perfectly organizd Ads strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to contact your digital agency.

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Its specialists will be happy to provide you with the solutions necessary for your project.New development in the Google SMS Gateway Serbia BERT file! Via its Twitter account, the Mountain View company announcd yesterday (cf Monday, December 9), that its new algorithm had been deployd. First launchd on English searches, global queries were not expectd to be coverd until mid-2020. Your SEO agency therefore returns once again to the subject, to give you the latest information on this Google BERT update.

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A premature deployment As a reminder, Google BERT is the acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This corresponds to a technique basd on neural networks for the automatic processing of natural BQB Directory language. The objective of this major algorithmic update will be to better understand the requests of Internet users, thanks to machine learning. The sudden and absolutely unplannd arrival of this BERT update may come as a surprise. Inded, John Mueller had declard, during the SMX Paris 2019 last November, that this algorithmic update would not see the light of day for six months, even a year, in France, and on a global scale.

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