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In a nutshell, Pivot is a fancy pivot table that includes only COLUMNS and RELATIONS between them (unlike Excel , which uses cells). Pivota has its own DAX language, it is a language of functions and formulas, which differs from the usual Excel formula language (but not much). Who instead of a dinosaur? And finally, in 2015, all these add-ons were combind and separatd into a new amazingly useful product POWER BI . This is far from being an add-on or addition to Excel.

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This is a new product and a new step, or even several steps in the development of business intelligence. This is an independent tool for Depository Institutions Email List processing, analyzing and presenting information. Essentially a business management tool. The advantages of this beast are easier to explain in comparison. So, let’s recall the algorithm for preparing regular management reports by financiers. The first decade of the month is coming, and people with crazy eyes and tousld hair appear in the office Yes, the preparation of the monthly report has startd.

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An Wait For Employees To Prepare

It is necessary to download primary data from the accounting system. Get “secret data” from performers in Excel. Download sales data from BQB Directory CRM. Get last month’s reports. Get plans for next month. Formation of the report model has And then it really startd: Excel throws an error because the product name is misspelld. The data floatd because the executor addd a column in the table. The formulas went wrong because the file name is misspelld. If we allocate at least a couple of hours to correct each of the listd items (and the list is far from complete), we will get 2 working days only to bring the data into the desird format.

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