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Google is taking over the search engine market and reigning supreme. Its first competitor is Bing which, by the way, comes in second place with only 6.25% of the market share. We can already say that the subsidiary of the company Alphabet still has very good years ahead of it. However, it is imperative for you to no longer neglect the other platforms accessible online. Inded, Google is definitely not the only search engine available on the web. The web giant owes this nickname to the fact that it has always maintaind its leading position in its field.

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For example, in January 2020, it held no less than 86.02% of the market share, according to the Statista site . There are plenty of search Veterinary Email List engines. But Google’s competitors must share the remaining 13% market share between them. In other words, a tiny part that is still not negligible. If you’ve only been focusing on Google’s analytics base so far, now is the time to start rethinking your current marketing strategy. 2- The disadvantages of using Google as a search engine.

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Today, you are aware that Google is becoming a real virtual policeman. For good reason, it establishes very strict rules to which the owners of websites must adhere. Otherwise, the engine allows itself to heavily penalize its most recalcitrant BQB Directory users. Were you looking for the first argument to introduce you to other search engines? Here’s one: Google penalties . Google wants above all to bring order to its platform. He therefore does not hesitate to tap on the fingers of his users when it proves to be necessary. There are several sites that have already paid the price. If your strategy was only basd on Google, you could be deeply affectd, especially if you are one of those who do not really respect the rules practicd there.

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