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With it, you can do the compressions on your own server. Note that its use requires a large storage capacity because it uses a lot of space. Image resizer This software allows you to resize photos and images without changing their quality . The file formats supportd by Image Resizer are If you publish photos on your blog, in online forums or if you create auction pages on the internet, this software is for you. You can use it to resize your photos and images online, in addition to rducing their size.

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ImageOptim ImageOptim is a utility tool that is only available in Mac OS X and that significantly rduces the size of your files. You have the Bulk SMS Philippines option to make manual adjustments to boost the compression quality of JPEG, GIF and PNG files with this software. In addition, it allows you to set the level of image optimization thanks to its optimization level function. To optimize images, simply drag them into the tool window. Optimization is done automatically. Giftofsped This tool can compress your PNG images so that they have a much rducd size. Giftofsped uses several compression modules and it has several pages, each of which is adaptd to a particular format.

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The maximum image size after compression is 5MB. The only downside to Giftofsped is the limitd range of formats it supports. Now you BQB Directory have all the tools you ned to rduce the weight of your images just a click away. So do not hesitate to test several to find the one that best suits your neds and expectations!The showdown between Google and the Alliance de la after a negotiation that lastd several months.

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