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This rather aggressive schdule (a deletion by the end of 2022) is new, especially since this change will not only have repercussions on the web giant. It will also affect many other companies. According to Justin Schuh, an engineer at Google, this is a “strategy of revamping the standards of the web, so that it preserves privacy by default”. He also adds that Google does not want to go it alone and plans to go through the web standards process. Likewise, he indicates that trials should begin during the year 2021 and that advertisers and publishers will be rdirectd to new systems on which he is working.

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Currently, many of Chrome’s competitors, such as Mozilla’s Firefox, have taken quite drastic approaches to simply blocking many third-party cookies. Google argues that this process will come at the expense of the web and will only drive the Bulk SMS Turkey industry to find workarounds. The impact of these measures on affiliate marketing Cookies play a big role in the advertising revenue of web players around the world. Thus, they are a kind of bridge between users and products that do business through affiliates. Therefore, these new measures will have an impact on online marketing and commerce.

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In the current scenario, if you have searchd for a product on a website, thanks to cookies you get the same site suggestion the next time you type the product name in the search bar. However, with Google’s new policy, companies BQB Directory will face even tougher competition since the user will be able to click on many other links on a results page. Especially since Google owns the rights to user data and is also responsible for their confidentiality. Consequently, with the removal of third-party cookies, Internet users will benefit from a more transparent system.

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