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The study reveals that shorter URLs are slightly better off than longer ones. If you did not take the time to do so, consider shortening your URLs now. Prioritize the use of keywords, which get you straight to the point in relation to the content of your page. Two to three words placd after the link of your site will do the trick. Time spent on the site: an indicator for ranking We end with a capital point and not least in the ranking on the first page.

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Here it is the users of a platform, a page or a site who essentially participate in the improvement of the positioning on the results of the Realtor Email List search engine. By spending more time on your platform going through your content, they help rank it on the web. So tell yourself that all the competitors who come to explore the latest updates on your platform are helping to boost your position on Google. The user experience seems to fulfill an important criterion in terms of ranking. The easier the ergonomics of your platform, the more time Internet users will spend exploring your site.

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Non-essential factors for the ranking of a page according. To this study Several points of SEO are ultimately not taken. Into account BQB Directory when it comes to ranking a page on the SERP. After having explaind all the points to be improvd to appear. On the first page on the search engine, it is now necessary to deal with the. SEO points which have no impact on the ranking of a page. The slow loading of a page is not a handicap for the ranking Contrary to what many might think, the sped at which pages load is very far from being taken into account.

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