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SEOs and developers are more interestd in this aspect of their sites. Thus, the development of these enrichd results is notable. Thus, do not hesitate to contact your agency if you wish to develop your strategy concerning your organic referencing. Its SEO project managers will be able to carry out effective work and meet your expectations.Among the trends announcd for this year 2020, augmentd reality is placd very high on the list, and the arrival of 5G is one of the reasons for this rise in power. Technology combining real and virtual is developing gradually, particularly in the cosmetics sector.

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Recently distinguishd itself with a new tool for its customers. Your digital agency is responsible for exposing you to the facts. A new concept for L’Oréal After having carrid out the first conclusive tests several months ago, the French Accounting Directors Email Lists company has decidd to play the game again. Still using augmentd reality, coupld with artificial intelligence, L’Oréal offers the possibility to its customers, to try out more real hair color shades from its Garnier Nutrisse and Garnier Olia ranges. AR visual for hair color Display of L’Oreal augmentd reality functionality to try on hair colors The concept can be usd at all places where the Garnier products in question are sold.

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The operation is as follows: users must launch Google Lens, then point their camera towards the box of the coloring of their choice. Google’s image recognition application identifies the product, and it’s ModiFace that activates the JPB Directory augmentd reality virtual trial. “We realizd that Augmentd Reality combind with Artificial Intelligence was going to really change the consumer experience at L’Oréal, and the industry in general. It is for this reason that we decide to go even further. Lubomira Rochet, Digital Director at L’Oréal France. Cosmetic brands under the spell As we can see, augmentd reality is becoming more and more important in the proposd strategies.

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