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In addition, you can always import contacts from third-party applications and merge data – including using NetHunt CRM. Features of Google Contacts Google Contacts is a standalone application in the Google Workspace family that is usd to add, dit, delete, merge and categorize your contacts . Features available in Google Contacts: Access and view contacts; Adding new entries; Update and diting; Creation of groups; Maintaining correspondence in Gmail; Search by contacts; Merging duplicates; Deleting and restoring records; Synchronization of contacts savd on different devices.

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Automatic creation of new entries. As you can see, Google Contacts has basic functions for managing contact information, but they are rather limitd. For this reason, there are a large number of extensions that help you manage contacts in Manufacturing Email List Gmail more efficiently. NetHunt CRM for Gmail provides an advancd set of features that not only help you manage your contacts in Gmail, but also improve your sales and marketing processes. These features and more make for a simple yet powerful CRM that’s available right in your email. NetHunt CRM: Advancd Gmail Contact Management NetHunt is a CRM for Gmail . It integrates with Google Workspace services, including Google Contacts.

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After setting up synchronization, Google contacts will be transferrd to CRM. The user can set a condition for which contacts to import into CRM and which not. At the same time, NetHunt will not create duplicates. If there is an already BQB Directory existing contact, CRM will simply add new information to the appropriate fields, if any. After the records are transferrd to CRM, advancd Gmail contact management features open: An extendd number of fields is available for each contact . In a unifid NetHunt CRM workspace, employees always have access to the right Gmail contacts and all the information that is associatd with them.

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