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Available online, this next-generation diting software is a gold mine for writers – amateur or experiencd and screenwriters. And it’s no coincidence since the man behind this AI is himself the author of several books and scenarios. This is David Defendi who notably collaboratd with Olivier Marchal on the script for the Braquo series for Canal+. The various problems encounterd by the authors during the writing are not unknown to him. And it is precisely to remdy this that he had the idea of ​​Genario. Like the powerful ChatGPT chatbot , this AI is not intendd to replace human beings, but to help them, to accompany them by facilitating their writing work.

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It therefore opens up many perspectives and will perhaps revolutionize the way of writing books and screenplays. Or will simply remain an Agricultural Mailing List additional tool available to authors. It’s still too early to tell, but now is a good time to look at it in more detail. An artificial intelligence imagind by a novelist and screenwriter Genario was designd by a French company of the same name, in Dijon. Its founder, David Defendi , came up with the idea after breaking his elbow. Inded, this injury preventing him from working, he thought about an innovative tool that would be useful for writers.

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For this, he approachd several scientists and finally, it was his meeting with an engineer Louis Manhès, which made it possible to BQB Directory create Genario. And this tool is not new since it was presentd for the first time… in 2020. However, since that date, it has evolvd. Initially free, it is now paid, with annual or monthly billing. But it is possible to use it for free during a trial period of 7 days. Allowing writers and screenwriters to save time during their writing work, this artificial intelligence does not replace them.

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