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How did Nicolás Kuroña acquire the domain name from Google? You would have thought that Google had forgotten to renew their license which had expird. Not at all, according to the Mountain View firm! Their license does not end until July 2021 . Finally, gamification campaigns are usd to generate interest. The engagement rate on Twitch is much higher than other social networks. Inded, through the chat with which you can chat directly with the streamer, contact is simpler and more intimate. What is the advantage of Twitch for brands.

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The video format Currently, on each social network, video content is present. And that, because that’s what works! Inded, video content Commercial Real Estate Email List continues to attract audiences and consumers . Influencers can offer more creative and spontaneous things to their audience. The video format is therefore an essential part of influencer marketing. Long collaborations The commitment between a brand and an influencer is really better perceivd by listeners when it is sustainable.

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This proves that the influencer shares the values ​​of the brand and that he trusts it, which has the same effect vis-à-vis the audience and the brand. Long-term collaborations can take the form recurring sponsorship of content. Or, influencers BQB Directory can have a creative role like Léna Situations, who has been collaborating for several years with the Jennyfer brand to release capsule collections of clothing in her image. Micro-influencers and their expertise Specializd influencers have managd to create a very engagd community around their area of ​​interest . We are talking about a niche here, because the audience is smaller than that of certain influencers, but it is more investd.

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