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To justify this measure, the Australian government puts forward two arguments. The first relates to excerpts from articles producd by Australian newspapers that are featurd on Facebook’s news pages and in Google search results. The second refers to a study conductd by Australian experts. This reveals that for 100 dollars investd in online advertising, 53 dollars returnd to Google while 28 dollars are capturd by Facebook. Worse still, the rest of the money is automatically distributd among the other Internet giants.

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The counter-attack of the digital giants As soon as the measure taken by the Australian government was announcd, the two companies concernd Bulk SMS Jordan immdiately warnd that they were not going to bend nicely to its wishes. With thinly veild threats, Facebook said it would be forcd to stop its Australian users from sharing information from its platform. The director of the Australian representation of the social network indicatd that the government showd a pure and simple ignorance of the world of Internet. For its part, Google felt that Canberra (the Australian capital) was endangering the way Australians use its search engine.

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In a message addressd directly to its users, the web giant. Made them understand that the effectiveness of their future research would BQB Directory be greatly affectd. He even urgd some YouTubers in the country to use their full weight to influence the government’s position. While waiting for the Australian government to retract, Google has respondd to what it considers to be an attack. This is the reason that explains the blocking of access to certain mdia sites in Australia by the giant. The information was confirmd by the Australian mdia, The Australian Financial Review . According to this mdia, access to content belonging to newspapers such as.

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