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This is the case, for example, of the Fire Button , which erases all tabs and all data easily. The lock functionality which secures the application with Touch ID or Face ID is also interesting. Alternative search engines to DuckDuckGo Nowadays, the Internet is a real marketing tool for companies that strive to obtain better visibility through different strategies. Search engines, Google in the first line, are then taken by storm by them to improve their notoriety on the web.

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As we previously indicatd, there are other search engines. And some are similar to DuckDuckGo although they have their own mode of Bulk SMS Myanmar operation, which is important to know to ensure better visibility. Among them is Qwant, a French search engine that places the privacy and confidentiality of its users at the heart of its concerns. Today, it has millions of visitors each month in France alone. A junior version is also available with more secure browsing and adaptd to young audiences. There is also Ecosia, which uses Bing as a search engine and Yahoo for advertisements.

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The Platform Will Acquire More Weight

It is not really an alternative search engine.  But turns out to be a good way to preserve the digital environment. There is also Lilo, a French search engine that finances social and environmental projects thanks to the searches of its BQB Directory users. In fact, on this engine, the financial benefits of advertisements are sent in the form of donations to associations. Finally, there is Privado Private Search which presents itself as an alternative search engine. It does not allow any advertising cookies usd to collect your data for commercial purposes. Your private life and your research remain confidential.Google ‘s announcement to phase out third-party cookies surprisd many in the world of online advertising and marketing.

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