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In recent years, the real estate sector has been evolving and growing, as it is a sector that is becoming more and more digital . It will therefore open up to different targets than originally and take different forms. Whether in the sale, purchase of real estate or the expertise of players in the sector such as Weloge on Clubhouse , digital technology has now become essential to sustain its activities and offer services that are ever more adaptd to the expectations and neds of customers.

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For only , he becomes the owner of a priceless domain name , bought for the equivalent of €2.40, or 270 pesos, the domain name of Google Lawyer Email List in Argentina . Inded, people wishing to access the Google search engine in Argentina have encounterd an error message. Nicolás Kuroña therefore went to the NIC Argentina site, the office responsible for managing the domains of the country’s websites, and discoverd that the domain name of Google Argentina was available for a pittance.

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Neither one nor two, the Argentinian carries out the steps with the site NIC Argentina (Network Information Center Argentina), to acquire it. Both stressd and happy about the situation, “I was petrifid in front of my PC. I couldn’t believe BQB Directory what was happening,” he endd up legally becoming the new owner of the domain name . A short-livd upturn It was the deal of the century for the web developer. However, Google realizd this and immdiately settld this story. The NIC has given back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. We do not know, however, how this “resale” took place, we can imagine that Nicolás Kuroña receivd financial compensation.

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