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The digital sphere had just recently become accustomd to finding press releases from the Mountain View firm, to announce important updates to its algorithm. What will these changes entail? The results of this November 2019 Local Search Update did not delight webmasters; many agred that there was a big loss of position for good quality sites, to the detriment of lower quality sites.

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Therefore, Google wantd to make things clear, and explain the elements that were taken into account, in order to implement this update. For Bulk SMS Czech Republic more than a year, the Mountain View firm has been working with neural matching to optimize local results. This artificial intelligence tool helps the algorithm to have a better understanding of users’ intentions, without necessarily having all the information during its search. One of the consequences of this update will be the visibility of Google My Business pages; they will be more numerous in these local searches, thanks to neural matching. Note that, despite the similarities, Google BERT and neural matching are different.

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Also on Twitter, Danny Sullivan, head of Google Search, calld it a system of super synonyms. Therefore, neural matching will take local searches to a new dimension. As for the reach of the update, SERP results had been troubld globally. So, as one BQB Directory could imagine. This November 2019 Local Search Update has been rolld out to all search engine countries and languages. What to remember? SEOs finally had the answers to their hasty concerns. Now, it remains to be seen if the first repercussions causd by the updat. Concerning most of the referencd sites, will be adjustd by Google.

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