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This last case can be considerd when the webmaster has changd the URL of a page or when he has totally removd it from his site. And of course, it will be important not to forget to correct or rdirect them. The personalizd “404 error” page on our Powertrafic website. 4- The use of an incalculable number of labels Labels, also calld tags , are classification systems put in place to efficiently list the content present on a website according to the category to which they belong, thanks to the use of targetd keywords.

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It is recommendd to use tags for the ergonomics of your website, but as we say so well, “in all things, abuse is always harmful”. If you use it, be sure to avoid excess, because your natural referencing could be impactd in a very negative way. This Bulk SMS Australia list of common errors made on the WordPress CMS is far from exhaustive. There are still many that can impact your natural referencing. Our SEO specialists will decipher them for you one by one and above all help you to avoid them.

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To improve its SEA platform, Google Ads very often updates its rules. It is in this sense that this time, the advertising network is attacking so-calld “clickbait” advertisements. These advertisements, which are calld clickbait in English, or more BQB Directory vulgarly putaclic ads , are basd on the curiosity of Internet users. By using eye-catching titles and images, we play on the appetite of Internet users for scandalous and mysterious subjects, with the sole aim of encouraging them to click on the publication. The principle is the same in SEA advertising. But what processes do advertisers use to make clickbait?? This is what we intend to explain to you today, before relaying Google’s announcement which dealt with this subject.

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