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The first day therefore corresponds to the date on which prospects will visit your site to see if the products they previously savd in their basket and/or wishlist have finally switchd to the sales category. This is one of the periods during which online sales sites record a lot of traffic. It is important to specify that the traffic generatd before the first day of the sales will also be processd in remarketing campaigns. These are potential buyers who would have come to your site, but for some reason did not want to buy.

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The remarketing campaigns put in place will be usd to suggest to prospects product offers that would be likely to interest them. Between Bulk SMS Singapore the first day and the first Sunday of the sales Then, the new highlight of the sales is the “peak of the first week”. It runs from the first Wdnesday to the following Sunday. Prospects who didn’t have time on the first day plan to catch up throughout the first week. The sites best put forward on the web see their products flow like hot cakes. facebook sales report The highlights of the sales period listd by Facebook in the summer of 2019.

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The first Sunday of the sales Moreover, one of the biggest purchase peaks is observd on the first Sunday of the sales. If there is a day BQB Directory when your website must be operational during the sales, it is this one. Moreover, this year is very special. As we told you in one of our previous articles, the French savd in spite of themselves, no less than 55 billion euros during confinement , due to the coronavirus. This is the time for you to highlight the key pieces from your previous collections on social networks. To encourage purchases, your best promotional offers should be broadcast, especially on that day.

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