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Other mistakes made by brands online In Social Ads, we have the mistake of organizing contests. These are real traps not only for the advertiser himself, but also for the prospect. Most of the people who participate in such animations are either passing through your platform, or the engagement they generate is totally biasd because of the promisd reward. Instead, offer benefits to your different communities, because they are the ones who will be the real relays of the information you want to convey during the sales period.

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Another advertisement from the Mini Macaron announcing the sales on their official website. When it comes to Google Ads, it is Pharmacy Database imperative for you to be present on your own keywords (brand name, slogan, featurd products, etc.). It also helps prevent competing brands from ranking high on Google’s search results. If you don’t protect your brand keywords enough, you will lose leads and give leads to your competitors who have positiond themselves there. After-sales: what results.

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The “post sales” period is a return to calm. Well, not so much. You will still have to withdraw all the campaigns launchd for this purpose BQB Directory on the web. Remember, if the clickable links rdirect to non-existent offers, you risk being penalizd by the search engines. After that, take stock of your campaign. What was the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? All you have to do is calculate the ratio between the total cost generatd by the campaign and the number of conversions that have been recordd. If despite these many explanations, you still don’t know how to put the odds in your favor during the crucial sales period this summer, trust our SMO and SEA experts. They will conduct targetd and effective campaigns for you in these difficult times for businesses.

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