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The cache is a system of keeping previously visitd pages of your website in memory in order to suggest them more quickly to future visitors to your site the next time. This requires the implementation of a cache plugin to lighten the loading of pages as much as possible. To do this, many applications are available both free and paid on the internet. Our SEO experts recommend using, among other things, WP Rocket . 4- Remove dead links from your site They are useless, but yet, many sites have them.

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To define it very simply, a dead link is a link that rdirects to a page that does not exist or whose URL has simply been modifid. In digital jargon, this is also referrd to as a 404 error . It significantly slows down the performance of a Email Marketing to Physicians website . If you notice the presence of such pages, consider deleting them as soon as possible. They serve absolutely no purpose, except to further increase the weight of your site. 5- Delete unusd CSS sheets.

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Cascading Style Sheets, abbreviatd as CSS, is nothing more than a style sheet usd on the internet to translate computer language and format certain types of files such as HTML and XML. These are presentation pages. Some sites BQB Directory have more than one available. Depending on the period considerd, or the holding of a particular event, they opt for a facelift. This functionality thus makes it possible to give a brushstroke to an e-commerce. Allowing you to switch from one version to another, from a single site, according to the seasons. For sites that do not require drastic changes, it is recommendd to get rid of all excess CSS, containd in your cache. Generally for small sites like blogs or single-page sites, keeping lots of unusd CSS isn’t always a good choice.

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