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Companies like Trip Advisor have even already found solutions to take advantage of these new enrichd results for FAQs, by adding questions/answers on high-potential searches. The impact Google has addd FAQs to rich results, in order to provide more possibilities for the user to access the content of websites. So, being displayd on these rich results is a godsend. It must be said that the presentation of this content is really specific and attracts users. Display of FAQs in rich results on Google Search. So, this rich results format appears in almost 8% of Google searches according to SEMRush.

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Almost all (95.3%) of the volume of these searches is still less than 10,000 per month. And, 73% of the FAQs in the SERPs, display only one; but, the list of this box is drop-down, and can reveal up to 10 answers. Although, according to Bulk SMS USA most specialists, they do not have such a noticeable impact as the results displayd in position zero, this display does have an influence on the click-through rate. However, this data may vary depending on the theme. Additionally, you can analyze the collectd results using the data in Search Console. Rich results report for FAQs, in Search Console.

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However, there is one point that remains to be clarifid; the arrival of rich results for FAQs, seems to minimize the possibilities of JPB Directory appearing on the first page of search engine results. Inded, SEOs have noticd that these SERPs have fewer natural results than the usual ten on the first page. Fabien Raquidel claims to have even already found a SERP with five organic results and three FAQs. And this is a gray area, where we can expect to see changes from Google. To conclude While rich results for FAQs have been appearing for several months.

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