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You will be able to Easily add new contacts, lead data and conversation history from Intercom to CRM; View contact information from the database directly in Intercom; View and manage all internal chats in the CRM system; NetHunt CRM integration with Intercom also provides real-time chat synchronization. CRM integration with LinkdIn If you work a lot on LinkdIn, you will be interestd to know that NetHunt CRM is integratd into the social network interface, making the use of LinkdIn more efficient. You will not ned to manually copy contacts and correspondence. Just click on the NetHunt icon next to the profile of the person you are interestd in – and all data about him will be savd in the CRM database.

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It will become much easier to navigate the lists of applicants and the history of communication with them. So you can save time on the really important tasks. Coming soon: NetHunt integration with Facebook The NetHunt team is Phone Number List actively working to provide direct CRM integration with Facebook, one of the most popular social networks today. By combining CRM with Facebook, it will be possible to save correspondence from Messenger in customer cards in CRM, view history and grow your customer base. In addition, through the CRM system, it will be possible to find customer profiles in the social network, which expands the possibilities of communication and advertising.

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Coming soon CRM integration with messengers Today instant messengers are one of the leading communication channels with customers. Unlike online chats, they do not require the presence of the user on the site and are available in every BQB Directory smartphone. Therefore, direct integration of NetHunt CRM with WhatsApp, the most popular instant messenger today, will soon be available. The integration will provide features such as chatting through CRM, saving chat history in the CRM system, as well as easily adding new customers from WhatsApp to the customer base. conclusions Installing a CRM system for online stores and a business that provides services opens up wide possibilities for automation.

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