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Learn how to create a sales funnel in CRM arrow right 6. Sales automation The advantages of a CRM system for business automation can be listd for a long time. We talkd about this in detail in an article about sales automation using a CRM system . The main advantage of NetHunt CRM is that no programming knowldge is requird to automate sales. Everyone can handle automation in NetHunt CRM. Why do you ned CRM for automation and what to automate with CRM.

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Export data to CRM , including saving new leads from the right sources, as we talkd about above. Mailings: by setting conditions, you Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers Email Lists can set up automatic mailing of emails when a user performs a certain action (for example, moving to the next stage in the sales funnel). Maintaining communication history: CRM-system automatically saves correspondence with clients, and when integratd with IP-telephony – call history. Transition of a lead to the next stage of the funnel: to do this, it is enough to set an event that should occur (for example, a response to a mailing list), so that the system automatically assigns a new status to the lead.

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Setting tasks standard tasks can be assignd without the participation of employees. For example, the system may set a task to call the BQB Directory client every time a new request arrives. 7. Real-time reports The times when we waitd for a colleague to prepare a report in a spreadsheet are long gone. Now employees can finally do their own work, and reports will be creatd independently. Automatd Reports – Isn’t this CRM advantage enough to implement this program in your business? NetHunt supports automatic template reporting. For daily work, the company can display minimal key information on the dashboard.

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