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Onboarding email cta the mailjet onboarding email above acknowlges that new customers have goals they want to achieve. Thats why they sign up in the first place. The cta button lets them know we have resources that will help them do exactly that. 5. Creative ctas that follow a theme we get to have a lot of fun with email design and copy when were promoting our virtual event, email camp. Every year, we come up with a new theme for the event. In 2022, we present email camp: road trip ition. Heres one of our last-minute reminder emails with a creative cta button. Email camp email part of the fun of email camp is the playlist we rock out to in-between sessions.

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We had a sweet collection of road trip songs that inspir us to come up with some creative ctas for our emails. When you read email copy about road trips, and then see a button that reads get your kicks, most people immiately hear this song in their heads. Seasonal emails, such b2b email list as holiday campaigns, are also a good opportunity to write a call to action that connects to a theme. Email cta writing strategies before you let your imagination run wild, its smart to take some time and consider the strategy behind your email copywriting and how the cta fits into the overall campaign.

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Start with the goal first and foremost, dont write your cta before you define the goal of the email. What is it you want subscribers to do and why? You could write the cleverest, most hilarious button copy ever, but if it doesnt encourage people to take the right action, it fails. Try using the think, feel, do marketing strategy when crafting an email: think: start with logic. What do you want subscribers to think about BQB Directory your brand, the offer, or the content youre distributing? Your subject line will help take care of this. Feel: next, get to the heart of the matter. What emotions do you want your email to generate? The copy, graphics, and other content should support those feelings.

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