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You must register on Merchant Center. In addition, you will have to fill in the various information that will be requestd from you (information on the company, on the website, on your payment options, etc.). Finally, you will ned to import your product catalog. Note that this offer does not remove paid advertising. Rather, it is a combination of the two options to increase your visibility, as well as the visits to your site and the resulting sales. Finally, note that a special site is now available on Google for SMEs wishing to create their digital showcase.

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It is intendd to facilitate the registration and opening procdures. At the same time, the Grow My Store tool available on the search Bulk SMS Qatar engine platform has been optimizd to allow companies to compare themselves to other companies in the same sector. There is no doubt that thanks to these various new features, Google is strengthening its position as a privilegd partner for e-commerce players. It is up to businesses and merchants to seize the opportunity.

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In addition, these new products will perfectly help you to develop your business and increase your turnover.Facebook Pay now BQB Directory available in France! Par Ruth Moussavou Postd on August 25, 2020 Facebook Ads , Social Mdia facebook pay france The social mdia giant is constantly improving. Not a day goes by without it trying to innovate to make its applications more attractive and above all more efficient. A few days ago, the news of the official launch of Facebook Pay fell.

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