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The school of high-tech engineers With its campus in Paris and its campus in Lyon, the mission of the ECE is to train generalist and high-tech engineers , with solid scientific bases, with expertise in major sectors of activity, in order to adapt to the technological future. It was in 1919, in Paris, that the school was born, under the name of École Centrale de TSF (Télégraphie Sans Fil). Currently, it offers 3 programs. The first is the engineer program . The second is the Digital Bachelor program , set up to become a digital expert. And the third is the MSc program, which offers a Bac level diploma.

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In addition, the ECE offers its students, under certain conditions. To carry out part of their training (semester or internship) abroad. ESGI, the Higher School of Computer Engineering Accessible from the Baccalaureate, ESGI prepares Electrical Contractors Email List for all IT professions through 9 specializations (Software Architecture, Mobility and Connectd Objects, IA and Big Data, Blockchain Engineering, Web Engineering, 3D Engineering and Video Games, Systems, Networks, and Cloud Computing, IT Security, Management and Consulting in Information Systems) providd over 2 cycles: Bachelor cycle and Masters cycle (Bac+3 to Bac+5 ). Creatd in 1983, the ESGI (Higher School of Computer Engineering) trains its students in developments in computer science by adapting to the neds of the sector.

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The school is locatd on 8 campuses in France: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Reims, Aix-en-Provence, Grenoble, Nantes and Toulouse. IPSSI, the BQB Directory school focusd on innovation. Creatd in 1998 and basd in Paris, Marne-la-Vallée. Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Brest and Nice, IPSSI is a computer, web and digital marketing school. Ranging from BTS to Bac+5, in initial or. Alternately from the 2nd year. The school makes it a point of honor for students to discover, manipulate and master new technologies.

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