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Sometimes punctuating a cta helps create a desir effect. In an email on switching up your strategy, we includ a button that read, pivot. Pivot. Pivot. It made sense with the subject matter, and its also a funny catchphrase from the sitcom friends. Green cta button with pivot text if you feel like you ne to add an exclamation point to your cta, it could be a sign that the words youre using arent strong enough on their own. Im not saying theres never a reason to use a (! ) on a button, but dont make it a habit. Question marks are another thing to consider carefully.

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Question ctas can work in some instances and not others. They may stir up some curiosity. But they can also make the cta less assertive. Imagine seeing a button that read shop now? Or get start? It feels a lot easier to say no thanks to that. If our webinar cta example from earlier said, ready to rumble? It wouldnt have felt the same at all. Instead of decisively declaring readiness to register, it would come across as business email list weak and wishy-washy. Creative cta design and placement getting creative with calls to action can include how your buttons look and where you place them in the email. Creativity is all about experimentation. So, try new things and test them out. Maybe you can bend the style guidelines and use a button color that clashes with the brand colors to help the cta stand out?

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Adding interactivity to cta buttons is another way to get creative with design. It could be as simple as a rollover or hover effect, which you can learn how to code on our web series, notes from the dev: video ition. Just make sure creative design choices dont leave you with email accessibility issues. Code bulletproof buttons with live text. Use good contrast between button copy and color. Make sure you have appropriately siz tap targets. A call to action you cant read BQB Directory or click will not perform well. Another way to experiment involves choosing where the cta is locat or how many you add. While its a best practice to include just one call to action in marketing emails, thats not feasible with newsletters or ecommerce campaigns that showcase a bunch of products. If its a longer email, try adding the main cta

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