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Which, for brands, is not always an easy task. Capture the listener’s attention The attention time available to a person in front of a YouTube video or a blog post does not exced five minutes. Next to that, we have the podcast which breaks records with more than thirty minutes. The listener doesn’t just listen in loops for hours on end. He really pays attention to everything he says to himself. He is focusd and does not hesitate to replay extracts from the audio listend to, if he considers that he has not understood the content well.

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Containment a boon for the podcast A study was conductd by Audi-on in partnership with Happydemics , on a large sample of 1088 people Optometrist Accurate Email List during the confinement period. Almost 54% of French people have listend to podcasts in the last months markd by confinement . One in five confind people plans to start podcasting.Failing to have been able to organize its big F8 conference on May 5 and 6 because of COVID-19, Facebook is currently increasing the announcements of new products. And there’s something for everyone, whether users or professionals.

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At the same time, facd with the coronavirus epidemic, Facebook has been very responsive by deploying tools to help users indirectly BQB Directory affectd by the coronavirus. It is therefore an avalanche of novelties that Facebook offers us this month. Discover them in this article! Tools to support and help local businesses The global health crisis is affecting many businesses. The smallest of them, independent, are hard hit. In addition to providing professionals on Facebook with recommendations on best practices for managing this crisis, the social network has developd tools to support them. These new functionalities will allow them to make themselves better known and facilitate contact with customers.

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