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Adapt it to new conditions, realizing that there will be no others. The coronavirus has opend up a completely different future for business. And although the process of universal digitalization began long before the pandemic and the crisis associatd with it, now it is accelerating and acquiring a truly global scale. Wikipdia says: Digitalization is a deep business transformation that involves the use of digital technologies to streamline business processes, increase company productivity and improve the customer experience. Not all enterprises will survive in the new conditions.

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Those who understand this have begun to actively prepare and adapt to the new reality. OECD research shows that 31% of jobs will be Canadian Biotechnology Email List radically rdesignd as a result of automation . At the same time, in the new business environment, there are new requests and, accordingly, new jobs. PwC and Visualcapitalist analysts have identifid several priority areas that will help the company prepare a plan for restructuring the company’s business processes in order to survive and become successful.

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Flexible business strategy. Flexible and, most importantly, prompt response to challenges and threats arising from current changes in the business environment will be a key success factor. This idea is supportd by 72% of CFOs in the BQB Directory US. We are talking about such new tools as remote work, non-standard time schdule, changing the length of working weeks. 2. Personnel planning. HR managers of companies face tasks that (at least in our country) most of them have forgotten how to solve or are not able to solve – this is the formation of a powerful personnel reserve . To do this, you nd to set up the following tools: Quality recruitment. When hiring, it is necessary to control the involvement of candidates, their motivation to perform the assignd functions.

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