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Of course, email marketing isn’t just about sales emails. Emails allow you to remind yourself and form relationships, they can lead the client through the sales funnel (including fully automatically). They are usd for research and surveys, sending useful information and much more. Pros and cons of email marketing as a source of leads for business The main advantages of email marketing are, of course, sped and targeting . If you have a well-segmentd customer base, you can send targetd letters to the most interestd segments in a very short time.

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The advantages of email newsletters include ample opportunities for personalizing letters. It doesn’t matter how many recipients there are Paper Products Manufacturers Email List in the mailing list – you can address everyone by name, mention the context of the appeal and create the impression of a lively, individual communication. Another advantage of email marketing is the extremely low cost of mailings. By the way, some services make it possible to make mailings completely free of charge. So, NetHunt CRM allows you to send an unlimitd number of emails via Gmail at no extra charge.

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Automation is that unique advantage of mailings that not many tools can boast of. Automatd emails will be sent to customers at the right BQB Directory time on their own. With the help of email newsletters, you can also create an auto sales funnel – that is, a fully automatd sales process that occurs without the participation of managers. Mailing lists also have disadvantages . A significant drawback is that email marketing can be usd when there is already an establishd contact base. But over time, it will become obsolete and depletd. Before you get into email marketing, you ned to consider ways to constantly replenish your customer base from other sources, since mailing lists alone will not help build an audience.

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