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Moreover, the mechanics of social networks is such that the page is recommendd to people with similar interests, respectively, the audience grows itself. The only disadvantage of this method is the relatively long time it takes to promote an account, and the ned to constantly create new content. But that’s in theory. In practice, social networks quickly became oversaturatd with business accounts and it became much more difficult to get organic views and subscriptions. So most companies are facd with the ned to pay for targetd advertising in order to interact with their audience.

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However, social mdia leads continue to be very affordable. The second way to get leads from social networks is advertising from Tv And Radio Broadcasting Email Lists bloggers . This is much faster than promoting your own account, but it requires financial investments and is not without difficulties. Until recently, native advertising for bloggers was a very effective way to get leads. But over time, there were so many bought posts that the trust of the audience began to decline. The disadvantages of this method are the following. It is difficult to prdict the effectiveness of advertising and the final cost of a lead.

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Many blogger accounts have an inactive audience, mostly consisting of bots and abandond accounts. The more popular the blogger, the higher BQB Directory the price of advertising. In some cases, it may be excessively high. Given these difficulties, bloggers ned experience, knowldge, and building an individual strategy for effective advertising. For example, sometimes for an advertising campaign it is better to pay for 100 posts in well-chosen small accounts than one for a well-known blogger. However, blogger advertising remains a great way to quickly communicate your product to a wide audience.

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