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Newspaper of TF1, real estate auctions have the advantage of estimating a market price at a given moment, of having people who will position themselves, perhaps at a lower price. But at least purchase offers will be made . Auctions also have the advantage of being able to dispose of stocks of unsold goods and goods that are difficult to value, without sacrificing the price . Inded, as the starting bet is often high in the reverse auction, the minimum threshold is very rarely reachd, for example.

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Moreover, the auctions will not make it possible to create demand where there is none. Kadran wants to ride the Black Friday trend On Journalist Email List November 29, 2019, the day of Black Friday in France, Kadran decidd to partner with Cogdim , a real estate developer, to carry out a large decreasing auction of more than 100 properties belonging to Cogdim. They namd this day JustFriday . Buyers can look ahead to the properties offerd during this day and must register before D-Day on the Kadran site, in order to be able to participate. The takeover of Kadran by EP Kadran was acquird in 2018 by EP , which is a company specializing in the digitization of energy saving works, creatd in 2007 in Nantes. This union aims for the two Nantes startups to become the French leaders in PropTech.

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PropTech defines all the startups that are part of the new model of the real estate sector, by the technologies they use, the innovative BQB Directory products, or the new markets. To return to this desire to become the biggest references in this environment, EP therefore wishes to integrate its algorithms and data, in Kadran, in order to allow the estimation of goods, or the estimation of work budgets, etc. In the same way that the technologies present in Kadran, will come to reinforce the site and the services of EP.

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