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For Clubhouse officials, this is a measure to ensure that discussions are not prone to problems. But this situation is worrying, because a recent report from the Stanford Internet Observatory reveals weak points of this platform which has gone viral. Inded, flaws have been discoverd in the security system that leak user metadata. These data pass through Agora, a Chinese firm that provides the technical infrastructure that runs the application. Agora could be put under pressure by the Chinese authorities to obtain certain information. In addition, a German consumer association already accuses the platform of having serious legal shortcomings and of not respecting the general regulation on the protection of personal data.

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Pending the response of officials, the debate is still relevant.Sanctiond by a ban after the Capitol riots in Washington, Unitd States, the very Bulk SMS Slovakia controversial social network Parler finally seems to have found the light at the end of the tunnel. Inded, the platform recently announcd its partial availability, to the delight of its former subscribers. Talk: what to expect from its return online? The most popular social network of the American hard right returns to the web after an involuntary absence of about a month.

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As a reminder, Parler was deprivd of accommodation after January 6, 2021 for purely political reasons. It disappeard from the online app stores of Apple, Google and Amazon. These web giants, which hostd the platform, accusd it of having BQB Directory servd as. A springboard for the various incitements to violence that ld to the Capitol riots. A few weeks later, on February 15, 2021, this social network announcd through a press release that it was back online. According to its founders, it is now “open to Americans of all persuasions”. But for starters, only users of the app before it was suspendd could access it.

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