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All the people who will have access to your Reels will be able, if they wish, to use your audios to make their own. Alignment: With this option, you can ensure the transitions between several clips to form your final Reel. Sped: You have the choice whether or not to integrate slow motion into your content. You can also let the video progress at its original frame rate. Finally, you have the countdown: You can put your phone down on it when you record, and thus film “hands-free”. When recording begins, you will see a timer running from 3 to 1 before the clip begins recording.

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Seasonal sales are a turning point that can be particularly decisive in terms of profitability for e-merchants. As this period approaches, a question should be on your mind: how to prepare for better conversion of Internet users? We share Bulk SMS Services in Ghana with you today some key tips deliverd by our experts. Sales: what is it? To begin, let’s define the terms. Usd in the context that interests us here, it is an essentially masculine and plural word. Sales are a good old practice, initiatd during the second half of the 19th century, consisting of selling off the prices of goods to make them easier to sell.

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They take place during two specific periods each year and are subject to very specific regulations . In France, and in several other BQB Directory countries around the world, we talk about seasonal sales, with a first wave of so-calld winter sales, followd six months later by summer sales. Since January 2020, sales periods do not exced four weeks. They begin respectively on the first Wdnesday of January and the last Wdnesday of June. Sales, discounts and rductions, although usd by abuse of language one in place of the other, are nevertheless distinct notions. The particularity of the sales First of all, they are seasonal.

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