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You still ned to be careful to avoid degrading the quality of your image. By dint of wanting to do things right, you can create yet another cause of a drop in traffic. The goal here is above all to keep visuals pleasant to look at for Internet users, while managing to rduce their size for your page. These points are both important for natural referencing on search engines. As in all things, you will therefore have to succed in finding the perfect balance.

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Limit the plugins usd on your site Plugins are extensions addd to the web pages of a site in order to configure new features. Webmasters Professors EDU Email Addresses are often temptd to use them more when designing a website, because they also improve the UX . There are many examples on the web. It could be the simple custom font addd to match the personality of the author of a blog, or sharing buttons inviting you to distribute the content of a site on your social networks. When other times again, it could be the integration of an additional comment bar to encourage interaction.

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These extensions certainly seem prettier and sometimes even very practical, but they still constitute a real brake on the loading BQB Directory time. Changes to make in the background of your site Some changes, although made internally, can also make all the difference in the loading sped of your pages. 3- Optimize the cache of your website A website can quickly become saturatd. Inded, over time, we sometimes insert a large amount of files such as texts, images, videos, plugins, to name a few. The performance of your website and the loading time of the pages that compose it will be strongly impactd.

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