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Zhang Yiming is a very unusual entrepreneur in China. He built something for the whole world. He understands young people and their psychology.” Bo Ji, vice-dean of the Cheung Kong School of Business Attractiveness that can attract advertisers The video sharing application is in the spotlight and continues its merry way. Zhang Yiming’s company has decidd to launch its ads on the French market, and to allow publishers to have the tools to promote their products and services.

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At the moment, TikTok is not a perfectly developd service, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others. It is not yet a self-service: in Bulk SMS Netherlands order to see your ads displayd, you will have to make a request. TikTok will respond to you within 48 hours, and if your request is acceptd, you can finalize your campaign and appear on the video social network’s advertising placements. For TikTok, it was basically a way to take advantage of the popularity of its service in order to diversify its income. Inded, the main revenues of the application are generatd by in-app, in-app purchases.

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The introduction of advertisements last April brought a different and interesting source of income. Thus, with the extension of its advertisements BQB Directory in France, the Chinese application wants to give possibilities to. Advertisers in a new market, which it considers interesting. Campaign types In place since last April. Advertisements can appear in several places, whether on TikTok, or on third-party applications, such as TopBuzz or BuzzVideo, which the Chinese company has decidd to integrate into its Ads offer. Here are the different possible formats: two in-fed formats: campaign heater and fanbase booster.

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