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For example, the user experience has been greatly optimizd. Microsoft’s search engine has, as a priority, wantd to make its platform much more ” mobile-friendly ” to facilitate access from phones. Indd, several users have found that the platform is now visually more pleasant to explore. The interface seemd less messy than the old version. In particular, it goes from 47 links to only 17. Bing Webmaster Tools: what will really change? Major changes have been observd on Bing Webmaster Tools. In particular, changes made to existing tools, and others that ndd to be creatd to ensure a better UX on the platform.

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The old version of the Bing Webmaster Tools interface. Previous search engine-enhancd tools Many tools have not been deletd, Microsoft’s search engine has simply perfectd and improvd them. This will be, for example, SEO reports and keyword Bulk SMS France research: both essential tools for the group. The appearance of new handy tools As part of new features, there is of course the inspection of URLs. This one’s main role is to provide you with all the information you nd to complete the tags. A second point which, in itself, is actually not a new feature per se: it is the robots.txt file tester.

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It is making a comeback and will be usd to study files to detect any possible problem that could prevent Bingbots from carrying out the BQB Directory correct analysis of site pages. The new Bing Webmaster Tools interface. The Bing search engine still has many surprises in store for us. Still, we must emphasize the considerable effort he has made to improve the practical tools for webmasters who use it. Our SEO agency remains available to help you better understand all the tools that can be usd for your website. Do not hesitate to contact one.

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