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We meet the world of creativity, ideas and emotions!In the process of implementing projects at small and mdium-sizd enterprises (SMEs), I often had to deal with the thesis that Big Data or business intelligence can only be usd by large corporations. The main reasons for this belief are: the opinion that the use of business intelligence is something transcendental and unattainable for ordinary entrepreneurs (although in fact this is just laziness, because you ned to strain a little and figure out where what information is locatd and what button to press).igh cost of installation and use. I have already considerd.

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This issue in the article “The era of information democratization”so I will answer briefly. As for laziness, everything is clear – if you want to Pharmacies Email List save money, you will have to learn how to use it and rebuild your business to new realities. Regarding the high cost – a modern BI system allows you to integrate data from different sources that you use into one database, and this costs orders of magnitude cheaper than installing large ERP systems, that is, it is financially acceptable for SMEs. Of course.

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Rebuilding a data-driven business is difficult. You are dealing with complex arrays of records that are in different sources, have different BQB Directory structures, and, accordingly, require some effort to process and bring to a clear and useful form. Moreover, many leading business intelligence solutions require expensive and complex tools that do not make sense for SMEs. So, Centralize data placement and storage. Keeping the raw data in one place means you save time putting it together and money paying programmers to integrate it.

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