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They are limitd to the result generatd by Google, which, in the long run, may cause problems for advertisers on the net. The gearing here is such that trying to rduce the information providd will result in a bad rating for the web page. This will result in the removal of it from the covetd lead of the Google page. One might wonder who really benefits from these Featurd Snippets.This week, the virtual portfolio of Facebook has also just been modifid.

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If you may still remember, in June 2019, the group announcd the creation of its online wallet under the name Calibra. And recently, almost Medical Practice Email List a year later after the launch, it has seen a name change. It goes from Calibra to Novi . A digital wallet: what is it? To define it as simply as possible, it is neither more nor less than a means of payment made available to everyone in order to pay for purchases exclusively online and in complete security from a connection device (smartphones , computers, tablets, etc.). Calibra was part of this perspective. Its purpose was to support the project to create the Libra cryptocurrency, and thus ensure the monitoring of exchanges.

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Reminder of the context of the creation of Libra In 2019, Facebook and many large companies operating on the net announcd the creation of a cryptocurrency BQB Directory calld Libra. The latter, although very innovative, has nevertheless sufferd many criticisms. Inded, his concept somewhat challengd the basis of the current global monetary system. Those who strongly opposd it were mostly Heads of State of major nations. The latter first saw it as a way to support illegal businesses by validating fraudulent money transfers.

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