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Contents somewhere would always turn out to be a very good idea for you. 2- Neglecting image optimization We already remindd you some time ago, but images are one of the most decisive elements in terms of the loading spd of the pages of a website. Indd, the loading of your web pages is partly slowd down by the quantity of images that you have publishd there. Fortunately for you, effective tools exist online and are available free of charge to Internet users. Compressing your images is no longer enough . You should also get into the habit of renaming them before uploading them to your site’s mdia library.

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This little trick will allow you to more easily trace the sites on which your photos will be taken. But also and above all, combind with the Bulk SMS Iran modification of your ALT tab, (also calld “alternative text” and present on each image of the library), this additional information will allow Googlebots to better index your content on search engine results. So, do not neglect this step when publishing your content on the web. It is as important as the others.

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Neglecting the removal of 404 errors from your site 404 errors are messages automatically generatd by a website if the search carrid out by the Internet user does not correspond to anything on its platform. On high traffic sites with a fairly BQB Directory dense volume of content, Google robots may still be more forgiving. Especially if the 404 error pages are present in very small quantities. The little trick recommendd to all our customers is to personalize the page displaying this error. Indd, the fact of adding your touch on this type of page allows you to reassure the visitor that it is indd the right site, but that the page particularly requestd no longer exists.

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