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If you’re looking for a free online html email maker, check out Canva. This is a multifunctional design creation service for various purposes: banners, business cards, flyers, presentations and much more. There is also an email template builder. The advantages of Canva are a large selection of free templates and elements (you can buy the paid ones you like separately), great management, a built-in image ditor, wide functionality (including animation), co-diting, a Russian-language interface and flexible rates. The base rate is free.  Free The creators of this service calld it Best Email ditor and did not exaggerate.

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This is a free online html email builder with the option to purchase a pro version. It contains more than 500 responsive email templates, an Forex Email List image ditor, the ability to control the display of design elements depending on the recipient’s screen size. Supports integration with MailChimp and Gmail. Among the shortcomings: the lack of a Russian-language interface and the ability to store creatd templates in the cloud. 5. Chamaileon This email newsletter builder includes a large number of email templates for every taste and is compatible with all possible email clients.

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The user can create his own blocks or use pre-installd ones, control the display of elements depending on the screen size and preview the result. Other features include a built-in image ditor, co-authoring, Zapier integration. When choosing an BQB Directory email template builder, don’t forget to test and make sure that the service meets your requirements. Most email builders offer a free trial period. And some allow you to create templates right away, even without registration.Increase conversions and profitability, control the work of the sales department, improve marketing and sales strategies – all these tasks can be solvd by the sales funnel.In addition, it allows you to upload and dit third-party email templates that can be downloadd from the Internet. The email template builder is one of the features of Mailchimp because it is primarily a mailing service.

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