Create content optimized for Google

SEO writing is just a term that describes the process of writing for search engines. It consists of using good practices so that the text is better classified in the SERPs of search engines such as Google or Bing and, consequently, has more relevance and visibility for the public. One of the most critical aspects of SEO writing is that a writing process based on technical requirements should not neglect the user’s reading experience . We must remember that the reader is the main objective of the strategy and cannot feel deceived.

The home page of your website

For Google’s search engine algorithms and Email Leads relevance classifiers, the more information there is corresponding to the user’s search intentions, the better your page will rank. You must consider that your audience has a tendency to write the ” queries ” in the search field individually, that is, each user will make the same search related to your products or services according to their own convictions. The broader your questions and answers, the better it will be for your page ranking.

Create an index on all your content

The objective of creating the index is the same  BQB Directory as that of the question and answer section: to demonstrate that the content has the capacity to correspond to search intentions and adequately respond to user requests. For this reason, it is important to transform the content topics into an index, list them at the beginning of the article and, if possible, add the keywords in the titles .You can take the Wikipedia index as an example. The questions are usually simple, but cover strategic issues to clarify the public’s most frequent doubts.

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