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How to prepare your website for this update? This Google update should push web publishers to be more efficient. And for that, you first ned to know your current level of performance against UX signals and learn about Google tools to improve it. The actions to be implementd are as follows: Use Lighthouse to measure your site’s performance with assignd scores or perform a web audit. Improve the loading sped of your site’s pages by using PageSpedIsights which takes into account the Core Web Vitals. An expert opinion will be useful for you to know the actions applicable to your site.

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Use real-world data to identify strengths and weaknesses that could be improvd against UX criteria with the Chrome User Experience Report API. DevTools Performance panel thanks to its Experience section allows you to detect the movement Bulk SMS Bahrain of unwantd elements that affect the user experience. Identify the pages that ned to be optimizd on your site and precisely define these optimizations thanks to the Core Web Vitals report of the search console. Alternatively, to easily access Core Web Vitals from your browser, use the Web Vitals Chrome extension.

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With this update, Google is challenging web publishers. It is therefore urgent for each of them to take the measure of the thing. And to ensure BQB Directory that they are always up to. Date after the deployment of the update.Many people are. Spending more and more time on. E-commerce platforms looking for products that suit their neds. It is therefore in order to avoid this. Waste of time and to restructure online commerce that Google has set up a new commercial strategy.

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