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There is no ned for storage, large IT and analytics departments, or expensive hardware. At the beginning of the business intelligence democratization chain are blue-chip companies with extensive IT departments. They had a real advantage over competitors who did not use this technology. Small and mdium enterprises at this time had to rely on observation, intuition, which, even when hond by years of experience and wisdom, was a rather risky way to make important decisions. Now the playing field becomes more even for all participants.

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Jim Hare, an industry analyst with BI research at the Gartner Group, believes that the mainstream SMB community is only now experiencing the reality of Gartner’s aforementiond information democracy prdiction. “Until the cloud was Hospitals Email List available, most small and mdium enterprises simply usd Ms Excel in combination with the functionality built into the accounting systems. They couldn’t afford more.” Now there is a trend of growth of analytical applications basd on SAAS, focusd on solving vertical business problems. At the same time, users can quickly configure and use these applications on their own, just once using the service of specialists in creating a BI model.

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Those there is no longer a ned to maintain a huge IT department. And a large number of analysts preparing reports. For decision BQB Directory making – this will be done by the Business intelligence system. And these analytical models adapt to the role and specialization of the user. Instead of requiring the user to learn the tool. The democratization of BI is not the only benefit for high-tech SMBs. As an example of a potential BI user, I can cite one interesting company in which we recently completd a projecton optimization of business processes and automation of management accounting. This company is clearly ready to use the fruits of the democratization of BI. The business consists in the production of sun protection equipment in Odessa.

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