Four Main Types of Traffic

Traffic or web traffic is the number of visits a page receives in a given period of time . These can come through different sources, such as search engines, social networks or paid advertising.

there are four main types of traffic:

Organic : it is the one that occurs naturally without any type of paid advertising. For example, when a person performs a search on Google and clicks on a results page, it would be an example of organic traffic.
Direct : the one that occurs when Indonesia Phone Number Data users intentionally enter a specific page by typing the full url in the address bar, and not searching through Google or any other search engine or source.
Referral : it is generate by those people who reach your page through another, which can be either another website in use, or a social network.
Paid : in this case, users arrive on the web by clicking on a paid ad, which may be on a social network or in a search engine.
Induced – This is organic traffic, but artificially forced to increase.

Does traffic influence web positioning?

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The quick answer would be yes, but an important nuance must be taken into account. If Google, for example, detects that a user entered a url and left quickly, it will interpret that the search intention has not been fully satisfy and that, therefore, that website cannot offer a relevant response and does not deserve to move up. . Of course, as long as the person subsequently chooses another Google result to consult, because if they close their session in the search engine, for a very short time that they have been on the page. Google will interpret that their doubt has been satisfy and it will position to the web.

On the other hand, before we have told you the most important types of traffic and although they all influence web positioning , they do not do it in the same way:

Organic : this is the one that most affects web positioning and that can best enhance it.

Tips to improve web traffic to your page
Optimize your website
By this we mean that your website must offer a good user experience , as Google and other search engines take this into account . In that sense, make sure that it adapts to different devices correctly, that it does not take a long time to load, that the images are optimized, that the articles have different titles, etc.

Avoid cannibalizing your own content

Cannibalization occurs when two or more pages on your website try to rank for the same keyword or have the same search intent . This causes your own content to waste time competing against BQB Directory themselves, thus harming their web positioning . To avoid this, we recommend that you merge the articles that are in this situation into one, specifically the one that is giving the best results.

Work internal links
Internal links are those that you include within your pages and that redirect to other pages on your website. It is advisable to add internal links on the strongest pages that redirect to weaker pages (worse positioned).

That it does not take a long time to load. That the images are optimized, that the articles have different titles, etc.


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