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However, the rise of the company of Jeff Bezos can come to thwart the plans of the duo. Currently, this is the only threat that seems able to deal with them, but experts do not despair of seeing other institutions develop on their own in the future. Then there is another point, of paramount importance: the use and protection of users’ personal data. This is a recurring topic in the news. There are inded, too many controversies concerning this subject, like the Cambridge Analytica scandal with the company of Marc Zuckerberg.

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Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last May by the European Commission, the rules in terms of data SMS Gateway Hungary protection are much stricter. “ There was a period of tension during which advertisers, agencies, adtech and publishers had to adapt to this new reality . Today, everything is working again in a relatively sustainable way with a few changes, including the fact that the data is a little rarer, but also more qualitative ”. Erik-Marie Bion vice president of Verizon Mdia France and Germany.Paradoxically, the GAFA benefit from this measure.

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They have means that allow them to comply with the rules (or to financially assume the fines collectd). Or, they benefit from their BQB Directory visibility, so that users blindly accept their terms of use. On the other hand, it is the geolocation companies, and the national mdia, which have been the most affectd by this new regulation. To comply with the rules, these first could lose up to 70% of their data. Still, the scandals reveald in the press, around user data, persist. Techniques for overriding the rules are becoming more and more subtle, and tracking techniques are multiplying. However, this desire for too much data can have the opposite effect, and harm digital.

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