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The era of Vine had come to an end, following too much competition, and a Jack Dorsey (having bought the application) out of solution. It was especially after the arrival of fifteen-second videos on Instagram, in 2013, that the network saw the first difficulties. Regarding Byte, Dom Hofmann announcd his project in November 2018 . Its idea is to use the same concept as its previous video sharing application. Like most applications it will try to gradually gain ground, Byte will consist of a fed, an explore section, notifications and the profile.

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It will also be possible to upload a video from your phone, if it is six seconds or less in length, as the Byte concept allows. Byte display screens New application CIO and CTO Email Lists display screens. Promising beginnings So, the first figures came out, and they are rather encouraging for the continuation of Dom Hofmann’s project. According to Bloomberg , the Byte app toppd the list of free apps downloadd from the App Store from its release on January 25 until Monday the 27th in the Unitd States and Canada. Moreover, it was positiond in the top 10 free apps in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Norway.

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Sensor Tower adds that Byte has already been downloadd over 780,000 times. still working on some important issues, but the first 36 hours of byte have been BQB Directory awesome. here’s a note about what we’re working on we are very far from the figures postd by its competitors, particularly for TikTok and its 800 million active users. Untouchable TikTok? Can Byte be a serious competitor to TikTok in the long run? This is a question worth asking. In any case, the name of Dom Hofmann’s new application is strangely reminiscent of the name of the company that owns TikTok, in this case, Bytdance.

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