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Mistake 5. Use a communication method that does not suit the client “Where did you get my number?! This is a personal phone, I did not give permission to call me!” – unfortunately, this is a very common and natural reaction of many people when inappropriate channels are usd for the first contact. Should I remind you that the contact usd (be it an email or a phone number) must be publicly available? Not taking into account customer preferences regarding how to contact them is a costly mistake.

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Some people prefer to receive information in instant messengers, others – by e-mail, others – by phone. One way or another, use the Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Email Lists opportunity to ask how and on what days and times of the day it would be convenient for the client to maintain contact. Mistake 6. Send emails that are interesting to the company, but not to the client This mistake is so popular that it has become a trend in email marketing in recent years. Most likely, you too have receivd such letters more than once.

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Do you still read us? Do this and that so we know you’re with us or we’ll remove you from the database.” These letters cause nothing but BQB Directory annoyance, because they contain a demand, but do not provide any benefit. A person neds to postpone work, read the letter and perform some action so that a certain company is calm about its email campaign statistics. An equally common example is sending a large number of similar letters that do not carry any meaning – just to keep in touch. Such mailings allow the email marketer to make detaild reports on the amount of work done, but do not increase conversions.

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