Aftes perform well in the search results. But haven’t we heard this from Google many times before? That’s right! updates in recent years to improve the quality of search results. So what exactly is the difference with the previous updates and what do we see of this in practice?

Difference from previous updates

Over the past few years, Google has rolled out no less than 3 helpful content updates. Unlike these previous updates, which were small changes each time, the March 2024 Google Core Update includes an overhaul of multiple core systems within the search algorithm.


What do we see in practice?

Where we previously saw a limited impact on organic rankings following the helpful content updates from Google, we are curious whether this is the case after this Core Update. In order to form a good picture, we have chosen to analyze three different organizations from the same industry. Good to know : we have specifically focused on the helpful content piece.

Do we now indeed see a connection between how these To choose brands that are an extension organizations deal with helpful content and the extent to which they are affected by the Core Update? Let’s find out!

Organization 1

When we look at the first organization, we notice that they have several things in order that we know Google considers important in the context of helpful content and EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness).

To choose brands that are an extension

Organization 2

When we look at the second organization, we notice that  website mainly contains generic content with less emphasis on helpful content.

We also see less clearly the presence of experts and their role on the website. Moreover, it is noticeable that this organization has quite a lot of ‘SEO content’ on their website, aimed at scoring in the Google search results instead of delivering user-oriented information. In our opinion, organization 2 also has a less clear positioning and distinguishing characteristics, which we think is necessary for establishing a strong identity.

Organization 3

Looking at the third organisation, we notice that they regularly post blogs on their website in which personal experiences and tips on specific activities are shared. Although this forms a good basis for ‘helpful content’, it is unclear who these ‘experts’ behind the blogs are, which means that the emphasis on is lacking. Furthermore, the information on the website is presented in a much less accessible way, which hinders the user-friendliness.

The impact of the update

And yes, this time there really is an impact! You probably feel it coming. Following the Core Update, we see an increase in organic traffic and positions for organization 1. The striking thing is: this increase is mainly visible in search terms related to questions and giving tips to the target group.

Time for action!

Sharing tips and answering questions is something anyone can do. But creating real helpful content that really shows your expertise and personal experience?


Do you notice that you have been affected by the Google Unveiling Lead Generation in Business Core Update? First check how your website is doing in terms of and EEAT. We have a number of tips for you that can help you on your way to improving your content.