How much are we going to bill in December on Amazon

How much are we going to bill in December on Amazon. Despite having only a few units of the top sellers, there is still a little inventory left. It is also thanks to the fact that they sell fewer units each day, due to the fact that prices have increased, they are being sold more profitably despite the existence of Amazon’s ghost offers .

The best December in history

The best December in history. November has surpassed the previous year and at the moment it looks like December could achieve the same. For this we would need at least a turnover of 130k. Although it is possible looking at the figures from these first days, it is still too early to start top people data celebrating. There were several factors that have helped increase turnover. In addition, there were sales that made me especially excited: We have sold a very expensive investment Lego in Poland.

Measures to exceed results in 2022

Measures to exceed results in 2022 We have lost our top seller but I still haven’t given up. There is the possibility of purchasing in a physical store although this BQB Directory implies having to buy one by one. Well that’s what I’ve started doing. To do this, I have hired a person in Germany who will do nothing but make purchases in physical stores throughout the year.

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