How to Authentically Connect With the Queer Community

In this shifting cultural landscape, where the political conversation is often driven by diversity, equality and inclusion, and in a time in which the rights of the queer community are under attack, LGBTQIA+ individuals are searching for brands that take the initiative to be demonstrable in and dedicated to their activism. With big budgets and design teams teeming with talent, brands undoubtedly now have more influence than ever in contemporary politics.

The LGBTQIA+ community has a wealth of shareable resources and a massive buying power estimated to be $3.7 trillion. What this community wants most from brands is a sincere commitment to its cause. Companies that strive toward equality and inclusivity both internally and externally — are usually rewarded with passionate brand loyalty. Genuine effort and political and social courage make for standout allies. Here’s how the LGBTQIA+ community wants brands to treat them.

Reconsider “rainbow washing”

Rainbow washing occurs when companies use rainbow colors on logos, products, websites and more to signal their support for the queer community. While this effort may have the best of intentions, so many brands have hopped on the bandwagon, that queer individuals Iraq Phone Number Data are now applying more scrutiny to brands and their show of support, doing their best to find out which brands actually take considerable measures to support the queer community — as opposed to those creating Pride paraphernalia only to turn a profit.

Brands can show

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customers that they are authentic by making their less visible efforts known to the public. Perhaps your brand fosters an environment of equality and inclusivity, supports gender-affirming care, or goes above and beyond to offer benefits to same-sex couples. Make these initiatives known to the public, and if your brand participates in initiatives like these or more, you’ve certainly earned the privilege of calling yourself a true ally. And a rainbow logo would be appropriate, but be sure not to overdo it. The key takeaway: if you are going to show support, be sure it goes further than your customer’s dollar.

Engage queer consumers outside of Pride Month

When brands engage with the queer community outside of June, they will be much more likely to impress LGBTQIA+ consumers and get the undivided attention they’re seeking. As we strive to go  BQB Directory beyond rainbow-colored campaigns during the month of June, marketers should raise their own awareness of all the other times they can make relevant and significant appeals to this group of individuals.

By marketing to the queer community throughout the year, you have opportunities like inspiring LGBTQIA+ consumers with a campaign during history month, surprising them with an advertising feature to raise awareness during Transgender Day of Visibility, and more.

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