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One of the earliest practical stock market automatic transcripts is the general stock market automatic transcript developed by Thomas Eddie in 1869. It uses alphanumeric characters and the printing speed is about one character per second. Previously, stock prices were manually transmitted through written or oral information. Because the effective time of individual quotations is very short, they are generally not sent over long distances; instead, a summary summary usually sent for one day is sent.

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The increase in the stock market shows that the speed of   new data   sales makes the sales faster and more accurate. As stock market conditions continue to operate, whenever prices change, stock price updates will become faster and transactions will become more sensitive to time. For the first time, the transaction was conducted in a way that is now considered to be close to real time. By the 1880s, Edison’s gold and stock market conditions had installed about 1,000 stock market automatic collectors in the offices of New York bankers and brokers.

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 In 1890, exchange members agreed to create a New York quotation company and acquire all other stock companies to ensure the accuracy of price and transaction volume activity reports. [9] Technology Hughes Telegram (1866–1914) Launcher keyboard for sending text   BQB Directory   via telegraph line and printing it as a text on paper tape. Made in Siemens & Haskew, Germany; Scope: 300–400 km Automatic receiver monitor simulates automatic transceiver tape, but uses different methods.

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